About CellNo
Don't miss business or personal opportunities! Don't be unreachable when you are needed most! Add your family's numbers to CellNo! is a free service for everyone who has ever asked themselves, "why isn't there an online wireless enabled directory of cellphone numbers!?" Add your numbers to CellNo. Never miss an important call, or forget a friends cell phone number again.
Searching CellNo Hints
CellNo searches have been optimized by Network Decisions to be easy! Did you know that you only need to enter one letter in any search field for CellNo to find you a match? Did you know Cellno accepts partial entries? You can use a single letter or number, from the middle of a word or phone number, in every box! Did you know you can leave search fields completely blank? Did you know that CellNo will accept the "%" symbol in search fields as a wildcard?
CellNo Fun Hints!
While you should always enter an accurate city, state and phone number, you can use nicknames in the name boxes and even put a public message in the street address box of up to one hundred characters! Don't forget about the CellNo Easter Eggs! How many hidden messages can you find? Give it a try!